Lagos State Schools of Nursing and Midwifery Alumni Association – LSSNMAIA.

Scientific Programme and AGM

Date 29th and 30th July 2021

Expression of Interest and Booking.

Feedback will be provided for professional and skills development

Call for Abstracts – Topics include: 

Covid-19, Women’s Health, Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health Care. Participate by submitting abstracts, either for oral or poster presentation for evaluation and selection.

Opportunities and Sponsorship

Want to Contribute as a Sponsor, Moderator, Donor, Speaker, Special Guest?

Contact organisers at

Scientific Programme

Seminar Credits and Certificate

Research Group – Literature Review and Presentation at Seminar

Sessions will be based on a specific item within the group’s area of interest.

Poster presentations: Posters are chosen from submitted abstracts and will carry equivalent scientific status to free communications in the programme.

Free Communication Sessions:  a selection of the submitted free communications will be scheduled into separate free communication sessions

Debates:  Meant for the Interactive Session to be introduced by experts/ presenters /co-host and moderators.  Issues from practice Pro/Cons followed by an in-depth discussion with the audience

Workshops:  Interactive Workshop is aimed at clinicians and healthcare advisors, managers, educators, and service providers. 

The workshop will aim at strengthening the communication in practice, skills of practitioners, and between health service providers, planners, and healthcare investors.

Open communication, a tolerant and accepting attitude are crucial to learning about service users’ specific health issues, gaining trust, offering effective counselling and management in practice.

The workshop will involve the introduction of different practice concepts.

Lagos State (Nigeria) Trained Nurses at home and abroad are particularly encourage to get involved and invite other nurses and healthcare professionals to take part in this programme too.

Join us to share your research findings, news ideas, practice experience and more.

Submitting Abstracts:

If you wish to submit abstracts for postal and or oral presentation

Contact organisers at with details of your enquiries latest by 12th of July.

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